• Long Leaf IPA [AMB / Boone, NC]

  • Southern Apple Cider [AMB / Boone, NC]

  • Rain Drop Hop IPA [AMB / Boone, NC]

  • Hipster Juice IPA [Lost Province / Boone, NC]

  • Fat Bastard Oatmeal Stout [Lost Province / Boone, NC]

  • Pink Velvet Raspberry Wheat Ale [Lost Province / Boone, NC]

  • Kiss My Grits Lager [Lost Province / Boone, NC]

  • Pilsner [Highland / Asheville, NC]

  • Hershey Chocolate Porter [Yuengling / Pottsville, PA]

  • Pernicious IPA [Wicked Weed / Asheville, NC]

  • Mountain Candy IPA [Sycamore / Charlotte, NC]

  • PBR (Pints $1.50)

Ask your server about our BEER PITCHERS !



Imperial Stout Bomber (Foothills, 10.5%)

Moravian Porter Bomber (Foothills)


[Strawberry Lemonade OR Pineapple Lemonade]

Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout (Terrapin)

Gluten Free* Pilsner (Royal Bliss)

Highland Gaelic Ale

Chai Latte Wake-N-Bake (Terrapin)

PBR Hard Coffee (add a shot of PB Whiskey!)

White Claws

Ginger's Revenge Hard Ginger Beer

[Hibiscus Lavender, Cranberry Herb, Lime Agave]

AMB Low + Hazy IPA

AMB Roots Cider

Bold Rock Seltzers

AMB Mystic Dragon Cider

Noble Ciders [Chai, Cherry, Ginger]

Bold Rock Ciders 

Bud Light


Corona light

Corona Extra

Miller Light

Michelob Ultra

Beer Bottles


  • Boiler Maker [Lager + Whiskey]

  • Railway Lemonade [Jack Daniels, Lemonade + Fizz]

  • Adult Arnie Palmer [Arnie Palmer with vodka? Yes!]

  • Dirty Dan [Ever drank a Jolly Rancher?]

  • Royal Apple [Crown Royal + Apple]

  • Station Margarita [Delish!]

  • Comfortable Screw [Southern Comfort + OJ]

  • Station Fizz [Gin, Lemon + Fizz]

  • Orgasm [Amaretto + Bailey's Shot]

  • Stiletto [Maker's Mark, Amaretto + Lemon]

  • Mountain Honey Dew [Midori + Bubbles - great for brunch!]

Bourbon Lemonade.jpg